Towards the products, acupoints, cuns, and you can the doing work maps – introductory amount

Towards the products, acupoints, cuns, and you can the doing work maps – introductory amount

“In this episode, we’re inserted by our very own pal Tau Allen Greenfield as well as 2 so much more Gnostic Bishops, Tau Dositheos and Tau Naamah. All of our initially interest ’s the reputation of the newest Antient et Primitif Rite regarding Memphis-Mizraim. We discuss the origins for the branch regarding mystic Freemasonry as well as how this has transmuted to the multiple progressive strains, that this one to are ecclesiastical and you will enchanting. This can be illustrated by personal associations regarding lodges and you can Gnostic church buildings additionally the prerequisite getting consecration about Gnostic and you may Apostolic Series of these doing work in Activities Chauds Workings.”

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Ok, it offers appear a few times and you can I’ll make an effort to identify as to why the really wonderful visualize you to definitely Crow generated and you can our really informative and in all honesty priceless correspondences maps need to nonetheless feel tempered which have instinct and you may “other eyes” when it comes to applying (and having) facts.

The activities chauds don’t chart you to for one onto acupoints, and absolutely nothing red dots you will find are not “the only correct put the section will still be.” Why don’t we grab an example through example.

The main element is that these acupoints appear to *correspond to* the new circumstances chauds in the working records – and in some cases it could be beneficial to consider this type of correspondences given that similar to the correspondences between tarot cards and fragrances inside 777

Why don’t we grab a straightforward one earliest to get all of us accustomed thinking about how stuff gets counted from inside the acupoints work. Why don’t we take area 4. The chart says Upper Temple, and our very own acupoint column claims Du 24 on top of your mind toward midline, .5 rear to your hairline.

This option is fairly damned alongside an excellent matchup during the an overlay. While a new comer to acupuncture stuff, .5 rear in such a case means 1 / 2 of a cun beneath the hairline. A cun is an excellent equipment away from dimensions that is based on you of your own diligent by herself. Good cun on the body is recognized as being about the thickness of piece of the thumb that you will wear a band toward, or about the exact distance between the 2nd and you can third crease on the the inside of one’s center thumb. My personal cun is not your cun and there is zero ruler because of it, and that (element of) the importance of “seeing” or “feeling” the newest circumstances.

Acupoints towards body was mentioned by the almost every other landmarks towards one’s body (I’m oversimplifying dimensions during the acupuncture therapy really works a bit, however, this is certainly a go on a start – basically possess moved on it anyplace please correct myself)

But overall, the tiny yellow mark into chart provides a darned wise decision out-of the place to start trying to find point chaud count 4.

Today let us take everything we provides labeled as section 35, which i am choosing given that I have double educated it a very important point in one’s body of the receiver, a time one seemed to “connect” or “finish” a routine and thus some thing We got mention off. All of our graph informs us point 35 is the next out of dos items into kept thigh. Our very own little red-colored mark indicates we search within the latest thigh, some distance below where the foot matches our torso, and probably nearer to our snatch rather than the leading center of your thighs. The acupunctcure column groups issues chauds thirty-five, 36, and you may 37 with her (but not 34! I have already been meaning to inquire about Zeitz about any of it), and provide us the next correspondences:

Six acupressure circumstances with the around three some other meridians. Put differently, talking about different something having an acupuncturist functioning towards the your. He is towards the about three various other contours out of chi in the teh looks plus they work on around three additional assistance in the body. However, none of them are on teh put your purple dot is actually on image. That they need to perform together does not always mean he is interchangeable.